People have asked me time and time again why I started Stiry (stands for “stories that stir”). The answer is really quite simple actually: This is my calling in life. I hadn’t found my passion and calling in life until I was guided down a path that led me to this: Sharing people’s stories to help other people get perspective. We all need to Share the Good.

Hopefully you feel what I feel when it comes to sharing people’s incredible stories and you want to be a part of our “Share the Good” campaign. The feeling of these stories is deeply impactful for those who are searching for new light while walking through the ups and downs of life. So here we go.

In March 2016, I found myself reflecting on my life’s accomplishments, my current trajectory, and my own self worth. I had resigned in December 2015 from a great paying job in Arizona after receiving a strong prompting that it was time to move on. I was in the healthcare industry at the time as the Director of a healthcare facility with 80 patients and 115 employees.

Resign? Why would I resign? I don’t have a job lined up. But the prompting was persistent. My wife and I looked at each other and decided that this was what we needed to do. We knew that this would be a financial hardship for us. We would have no income, we would lose our health insurance, we had no way of paying our hospital bills (from the birth of our son Jackson the month prior), and list went on and on. It didn’t make sense in our minds, but it made sense in our hearts.

So we left. For what? Nothing. I will say however, that we knew somehow that if this was the right thing for us to do we would eventually find answers to all the why’s. Within 3 days of when I resigned we moved…completely uncertain of the future.

Within weeks I had several job offers. Great news right? Well we thought so at least. The only problem was that none of them…not a single one…felt right. I even received the best six figure job offer I’d had to date…once again the answer was the same. It wasn’t right.

After this devastating blow, I spent weeks in self reflection, searching for an answer. After two months of soul searching I realized something I had been pushing aside the entire time. I wanted to start my own business and create my own story.

This feeling was so uncomfortable. Remember the part where I said we have no money…well it was much worse by this point. We had used all of our savings and had nothing. To even think about starting a business was ludicrous. I kept that feeling to myself for a few days. I was scared to tell my wife.

After a couple days, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I was suppressing an extremely powerful feeling. I let it out, scared of the consequences. After a lengthy discussion with my wife, she looked at me with tear filled eyes and said, “I think you should do it.” It was the right thing to do and we both knew it. One of the greatest and most frightening feelings I’ve ever had (and I know my wife felt the same way). We didn’t even know what the business was that I was supposed to start.

During this time I had stumbled upon some incredible stories of people that I had recently met. I couldn’t believe how my perspective changed after hearing these stories. Then I heard more stories. And more. And more.

I put it together. Someone needed to tell these stories. Everyone needs perspective change throughout their life. Not just one big moment of perspective change, but daily moments. Then it came. We need to help people find perspective in an ever changing world. A world that is in need of good things.

So…Stiry was born.

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