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A Rainbow Baby Story

One mom receives the surprise of a lifetime and is rebuilding her life after the loss of her child


“Her time’s up, and there’s nothing left for us to do.” 

On December 29, 2015, Reese was born with an underdeveloped heart. Five weeks after birth, she tragically passed away.

“After she had passed away I just kept thinking, what’s the bigger picture? What’s the greater plan?” 

Remembering Reese

Whitney’s cousin sent her an email with the simple phrase, “she matters.” From that point on, she knew that even though Reese isn’t here physically, she is still inspiring people and touching their lives with her story. 

“She has a life and she has a story, and it should still continue to grow.” 

Reese and Whitney’s story continues to spread and give hope to others. They remember her every day and she is still very much a part of their family.

A Rainbow Baby

Recently, Whitney and her family learned she is again expecting. This time, a little boy.

Jenny Wecker (founder of Fawn Design) was touched by Whitney’s story of loss and hope. Her team transformed Reese’s old nursery into a room for the baby boy that Whitney and her husband are expecting.

“She’s touched so many lives, including mine.” – Jenny Wecker 

With Jenny’s generous surprise and the support of family, Whitney and her husband are rebuilding their lives after the loss of Reese and finding peace in their journey ahead.

They were touched by the Fawn Design’s surprise and continue to honor Reese’s memory by sharing her story.

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Presented by stiry
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