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Motherhood Looks Great on You … The Story of Fawn Design


When you want your company to be a direct reflection of who you are, you make sure it stays true to its humble beginnings. That is exactly what Jenny and Cole Wecker have done as Fawn Design has grown into a booming business and a strong community of mothers. It’s always been about embracing whatever motherhood throws at you.


When I see someone wearing a Fawn design bag, you know at the grocery store, I have to hold back from going up to them and giving them a hug and saying thank you so much. Like, this is, you know, my family right here…this is who you’re supporting. I want every single interaction with Fawn design to be a reflection of Jenny. I’ve been selling since I was five years old. That’s when I got my first sewing machine and I always knew I wanted to do something with my sewing and designing.

So, when I got this idea to do the diaper bag it was kind of like, it felt like that kind of “aha” moment, like this is what I’m supposed to do. When I made that first prototype I was so proud. I haven’t thought about this in forever. I remember sitting and just knowing what to do and it was like, but I’ve never made a bag like this before. How do I know how to do that? The first bag I made, I actually sold to my friend Ashley who kind of gave me the idea. It was really cool watching her come home from the hospital and seeing the pictures of her with her Fawn design bag, you know, and her newborn son. I posted a picture about it on my personal Instagram. The response was crazy. I had tons of friends and family who are like, I want one of those bags. We were living in a one-bedroom apartment, didn’t have a ton of money so we were just kind of hoping that maybe this little hobby would help pay some extra bills. I’d go to work until five or six at night and I’d come home and sew until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.

Cole: It was nuts, we’d get home from work…I would get home from school and our apartment was just filled with sewing stuff.

I just kind of started making bag after bag and they would sell out super super fast.

Cole: The exciting part was seeing how many people really did like the product and then seeing Jenny. I feel like Fawn Design kind of brought out some extra motivation in her.

We decided to start getting our bag manufactured and we looked into the cost. It was kind of discouraging because, we’re like, we have this great idea and we just don’t have the money to get it going. We were like, maybe we should look into crowdfunding…we heard about Kickstarter and our goal was to raise $25,000.

We actually ended up raising $42,000 in that 15 days. It was such an important time for Cole and I because, not only did we know, great, we have this money to manufacture, but we also have proven that people actually want our bags. What’s funny, is then I kind of remember thinking, “okay, all our problems are solved”.

Little did I know, we were just getting started. We had no idea that this little idea in a tiny apartment would lead to 100’s of orders. I was really worried about going from the handmade to mass-producing, because I didn’t want to lose that connection with our supporters…that was so important, but we knew if we¬†were going to grow, we had to do that. From day one Cole and I have made sure that it’s done a certain way…the expectations are a certain way. You’re still getting the same product in the same way, as if I packed it myself. Even though we’ve grown so much, my desire for the people who support us and feeling that confidence, is still the same. Those experiences, I want them to be the same as they were when I was selling the bags in the beginning.

A big goal of mine, with my brand, is to really embrace every stage of motherhood. If you look at our Instagram you’ll see that we, 99% of the time, are re-posting customer photos. We’re not actually using our own and I feel like that’s how I’m showing my connection with that person…you know, I saw that you took your kids to the zoo and you had your bag and you were able to chase them around…or your first doctor’s appointment with your newborn. I felt like I was there telling you, “good job!”, you’re doing such a great job. I know it’s hard. I want them to have the¬†confidence to take on whatever motherhood throws at them.

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