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Share the Love

Here’s what the "experts" are saying about Love. You might want to listen.
After trying to become something she knew she wasn't, Australian native Tanya Poppett decided to reward her body instead of punishing it. Her message: "the media's got it wrong."
From brain injuries, cerebral palsy, stroke, and even paralyzation, this team is comprised of people who have been told doing something like playing soccer would never be possible. Of course that didn't stop any of them. How these men adapt,...

For the Kids

"Sometimes we don't have anything in our cupboards." One out of five children in our community are worried about what they will eat tomorrow. For The Kids is working hard to change that. Every weekend, backpacks filled with food are sent...
Power chairs aren't even a possibility for most kids in need. Until now. Five engineering students from Brigham Young University created a motorized chair that weighs just over 20 pounds and costs under $400 (compare this to other chairs...

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