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Making Fatherhood Count


Becoming a single parent isn’t in anyone’s life plan. It was no different for Justin Yoder. He was suddenly single with a young son to care for full-time. Little did he know the journey he and his son Jett had ahead of them.

Becoming a Single Dad

“One thing that’s been tough is finding out how to trust someone again.”

– Justin Yoder

When Jett was five years old, his mother slipped into the world of addiction. After a couple of surgeries, her doctor prescribed pain pills, and she quickly became addicted.

She turned into a different person.

“For about three years, I tried to help her.”

Tragically, she chose addiction, and the two divorced leaving Justin a single dad. Jett’s mother is no longer in his life.

“The hardest thing is trying to figure out how to juggle everything.”

Justin soon chose a career as a realtor, which gave him the flexibility he needed as a single father. Finding the right work/life balance has been imperative for creating the best life for his son.

The best advice he ever received was from a good friend.

“Does he eat dinner? Does he have a roof over his head? Sometimes that’s good enough.”

Overcoming Hardships

Being a single dad is one of Justin’s greatest challenges and greatest rewards.

“We all just want to get validated and have a hug.”

Refocusing on what’s important and spending time with his son has changed Justin’s life. He’s learned to be more compassionate and built an incredible bond with his son.

“Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.”


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Presented by stiry
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