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Know You’re Beautiful


Jodi Brown lived a normal, active life. She was happy and felt like she had all the confidence in the world.

Unknown Diagnosis 

One day dizzy spells and debilitating headaches started to take over her life. 

Jodi went several times to the hospital but no one could figure out what was happening to her. As time went on, she eventually lost the ability to stand on her own. Finally, her doctor ordered a life-saving MRI. 

After the MRI discovered the Jodi had a massive brain tumor that surrounded the bottom part of her brain. After the surgery, the left side of her face paralyzed. She felt as if her identity crumbled within that very moment. 

“How could I be grateful for life when I was no longer me”

She experienced judgmental looks, laughs, and double-takes from strangers and her self confidence began to diminish. 

Jodi felt as if everything that she once knew about herself was no longer there.

Finding New Hope 

One day, her therapist told her that it’s okay to mourn what she’s lost to move on with what she now has. She now carries this with her in life and it gave her the confidence she needed.

“It’s not about physical features, it’s about who you are on the inside.” 

Now, Jodi has taken what was once a tragedy in her life and is inspiring people around the world. She wants others to know they are beautiful from the inside out, just like her. 

“Hold your head high. Look people in the eyes and smile. You are beautiful.” 

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Presented by stiry
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