It’s Okay to Ask for Help


With a few close friends, Ray Khan founded a successful, growing business after being medically discharged from the military. Everything seemed to be going great, until one day everything completely changed. 

Losing Everything 

“Emotionally I was not expecting it to be as hard as it was” 

In an instant, Ray lost his business, house, car, stocks, and so much more. He felt helpless and like a failure. 

“I really felt like I had lost it”

Thoughts of feeling unwanted and unloved crept into his mind as he pressed on throughout life. He thought he could make everything go away with alcohol.

“I’m done. I have no hope of getting back or making anything right”

Ray felt powerless in life and he attempted suicide. 

His mother knew her son well and knew that something was wrong. She saved his life that day by notifying the authorities and sending them to his house. Ray spent 2 weeks in the hospital’s psych ward.

A Blessing In Disguise 

“Even though it was a very dark and shameful period, it was also a blessing” 

During his time there, he was able to reflect on himself and think about his life and how he wanted to move forward. 

“There’s nothing too bad or too terrible that’s worth taking your life over” 

Ray was able to discover the strength that he had all along and face his problems head-on. He was able to overcome his suicidal thoughts. 

Although it wasn’t an easy journey, he began life with a fresh, new hope that he didn’t have before. 

“Anybody that’s ever accomplished something beyond themselves has always had people to help them”

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