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I Have My Hero Guiding Me

Nate Checketts never understood why his father made him memorize poetry until he grew up and uses it in ways he never expected.


Nate Checketts father always gave him pearls of wisdom. Every year, his father would hand him a poem to memorize. When he was 12 years old, he was handed his father’s favorite poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

“Fathers love to give advice. It’s not always well-timed, or eloquent, or well-received, but it is always out of love.” -Nate Checketts

The Wisest Advice Giver 

As Nate grew older, he ran into his own set of trials with debt, health problems, and his family. He felt alone and often wished that his dad was physically next to him. 

“When he couldn’t be there, the words of this poem were.” 

Although his dad couldn’t be next to him, his father’s loving advice got him through the toughest times in his life and he applied it to his own family and children. 

A Father Knows Best 

“I feel like he knew that I was going to face trials and struggles and he was preparing me to face the challenges.” 

Although we think we may not need the advice that our father gives us, in the end, their words come back to us in times of need. 

“The best gift I got was not to just have the words memorized but to never forget the words or their meaning.”  

Now, Nate lives by and deeply cherishes the words that his father gave him when he was younger. He walks through life with confidence in knowing that his hero is guiding him. 

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Presented by stiry
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