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Get Out and Ride

The Payette River Bicycle Movement helps kids who need bikes


Dean and Amy Cromwell turned their love of bikes and the outdoors into a non-profit organization called the Payette River Bicycle Movement. Their grassroots efforts are aimed at providing bikes for kids who would otherwise go without.

Bike Donations

“If they don’t have bikes, what are they doing? They’re in the house playing video games or doing screen time. Kids need to be outside.”

Dean works with other volunteers in the area to refurbish used bikes for the children. They are big believers in bike safety and make sure each child is also equipped with a helmet.

Recently, they have branched out and started teaching bike safety, proper riding technique and even bike maintenance at local schools. They love seeing more and more kids away from screens and out riding bikes in the neighborhood.

If you would like to get involved or donate, please visit the Payette River Bicycle Movement’s website.

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