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Lone Peak Fire Department: Preparing the community before a School Shooting strikes

School shootings are traumatic and scary. We live in a day and age when it’s more and more possible to be caught in the crossfire. It’s terrifying for school children and teachers alike.


When it comes to those we care about, we hope that tragedy never strikes. When it comes to the vulnerable, the feeling of wanting nothing to happen becomes stronger. When it comes to children in schools, the feeling is at its strongest. Although, with our best efforts, it is sometimes unavoidable.

We ask ourselves, what can be done? Who is helping to ensure the safety of the children in the community when these attacks do happen? We don’t like to think about what could happen, especially when talking about those that we care about but in times like today, it’s hard to ignore the thoughts of what if. Lone Peak Fire Department has risen to the call of their community and has taken notice of what needs to be done.

Providing Emergency Services and Onsite Trauma Kits

Lone Peak Fire Department is able to provide safety and emergency services with onsite trauma kits in every school classroom possible. They have seen a need and are working tirelessly to make sure that this void of the unknown when tragedy does strike, is filled. We may never be able to stop school shootings from occurring or tragedy in general, and being prepared for when it does happen can make all the difference. With trauma kits that Lone Peak Fire Department is providing to schools, this could quite possibly save a child’s life in a time of need. These kits are user-friendly and easily accessible, teachers and others in the classroom can provide the emergency services that are needed. Time is of the essence in emergency situations and with the Lone Peak Fire Department’s efforts, this gap of not receiving medical services in time can be closed.

Teaching Proper Emergency Medical Procedures

In addition to the trauma kits being provided to every classroom possible to schools in the community, Lone Peak Fire Department also ensures that those that are educators, parents, and many more are taught in proper emergency medical procedures. The class is important in not only providing more knowledge to those that are in this situation but also being able to unite those in the community.

Lone Peak Fire Department teaches everything from applying direct pressure to wounds to how to apply a dressing to open wounds. This emergency medical responder class being provided can not only give the reassurance that is necessary for a time of need but also makes sure that the safety of the children is being ultimately utilized.

   Although we question often with what can be done, we can now also recognize the efforts that are being propelled forward by organizations in the community such as Lone Peak Fire Department. When we send our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and others that we care about school, we want to make sure they are safe. We want to make sure that if tragedy strikes, they will be able to have services provided to them that are necessary to ensure this safety. Lone Peak Fire Department wanted to do more for their community, and that is exactly what they accomplished by providing in-classroom emergency services with their onsite trauma kits.

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