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Lone Peak Fire Department: Preparing the community before a School Shooting strikes

School shootings are traumatic and scary. We live in a day and age when it’s more and more possible to be caught in the crossfire. It’s terrifying for school children and teachers alike.


We live in a time when school shootings are a common occurrence. It is tragic and a parent’s worst fear that their child may someday be caught in the crossfire. The Lone Peak Fire Department decided to step in and help their community be prepared if tragedy ever strikes their community.

Providing Emergency Services and Onsite Trauma Kits

We came up with the idea of placing trauma kits in each of the classrooms.

The Lone Peak Fire Department filled the kits with life-saving medical equipment in the event of a shooting. The kits are designed with the lay rescuer in mind. Teachers, parents, and even other students can use the kits to help save a life.

Having supplies on hand before first responders arrive can make all the difference.

Teaching Proper Emergency Medical Procedures

In addition to the trauma kits being provided to every classroom possible to schools in the community, Lone Peak Fire Department also provides training for educators, and parents.

Lone Peak Fire Department teaches everything from how to apply direct pressure to wounds to how to apply a tourniquet. It gives the community a sense of confidence that they can help each other before professional help arrives. They are the ones on the front lines and this type of training is critical in closing the gap between when an incident occurs and when the fire department arrives.

They are on a mission to save lives.

We are trying to get this to the one. So one individual, a life can be saved if needed.

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