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You Are A Fighter

90& 9 is promoting mental health through performing arts.


Promoting Mental Health Through Art

“People need to understand that mental health is ok and it’s important to talk about”

Darla and Nik Day founded 90and9 after realizing that people need creative ways to tell their stories and express feelings. 

Mental Health and Addiction

“These are heavy matters but we’re trying to talk about in a lighter way”

After struggling with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse herself, Darla created the show “Fighter” with her husband. It’s about rising from the ashes and as Darla says, “It’s my story, but it’s everybody’s story.”

Fighter tells what it’s like to go through the internal struggle of heavy thoughts and feelings through spoken word, original pop songs, circus acts, dancing and much more. They hope to convey the importance of fighting to overcome the challenges of daily living. 

Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

“It is a fight. It’s a fight for that freedom…You are a fighter”

Darla and Nik want people to understand these important topics and that it is possible to overcome any obstacle in life. 

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