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Changing Pediatric Cancer With Spare Change

Rundle Elementary partnered with the Tyler Robinson Foundation to fight pediatric cancer together through the student's spare change.


“The things we take for granted such as food, clothing, shoes, they do not have” -Lenette Reece 

Lenette Reece is the fearless leader of Rundle Elementary School. Most of the children that attend Rundle Elementary live in poverty. This past school year Rundle partnered up with the Tyler Robinson Foundation. 

One “Small” Act of Kindness

“Our students know that no matter their situation, they will change the world for good.”

Lenette, her staff, and her students wanted to raise money for those with pediatric cancer but weren’t sure if they could raise the money needed.

“They can’t donate $1,000 but they can donate change”

Lenette and her staff decided to do a change drive and set their goal to reach $500, to make it easier for the low-income students to participate.

Giving Everything to Fight Pediatric Cancer

Instead of raising their set amount, they went above and beyond and raised over $840 to help fight pediatric cancer. 

“No matter what situation your school is in, everyone has something to give.”

Almost every student at Rundle Elementary donated toward the change drive with the Tyler Robinson Foundation. One student donated everything he had, which was only 12 cents. He said he wants to cure cancer. 

At Rundle Elementary School, they are changing the world, one small act of kindness at a time.

To learn more about the Tyler Robinson Foundation and how you can help, check out their website!

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