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Cancer is the Best Thing That Happened to Me

Chris decided to change his path after a twist of fate.


Chris’ life was on an exciting, but exhausting, path until a twist of fate inspired him to make a change. This is the story of how a world-traveling cameraman became a volunteer crewman, committing his time to saving others.

Presented by stiry
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  1. This is the first time I’ve heard someone who feels the same way that I do, that having cancer was a blessing. We don’t go around shouting from the roof tops, but there isn’t a day goes by that we are grateful. Grateful for 2nd chances to do better, to help others, to appreciate God’s gifts, Sure, there have been reflective moments where I want to shout from the roof tops… to everyone, especially to my family… please forgive me if I hurt your feelings… if I offended you…. if I acted selfishly or was self-centered. Unfortunately, I cannot remove what happened in the past, but I can go forward… with an eye towards God as I take each step, throughout each day, and notice all the beauty and kindnesses and God’s opportunities I am given to do better. I just pray that I grasp each and every one of those opportunities and do something that will be pleasing in God’s eyes. Thank you God, for the blessing of cancer in my life… for survival… and for love.

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