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Meet The Metal Thrasher Turned Virtuoso Watchmaker

Dan Spitz, who played lead guitar for the metal band Anthrax, left the group in the ’90s to pursue an unexpected path: master watchmaking. Now, he’s one of the top watchmakers in the world, but can still shred a guitar like it’s 1983. -Author: Great Big Story

Forgiving the One Who Almost Took Her Life

In a split second, longboarder Lexi Hansen almost lost it all. With a 1% chance of surviving, she found it easy to forgive and gained a life long friend in the process.

This Sport Isn’t For Everyone

Making due with what you have been given isn’t easy. This sport has given Lexi a new passion for life. It continues to challenge her and help her push the boundaries. She has taken what she has been given and turned it into something she loves.

How She Fought Depression Through Fitness

Massy Arias came to the United States when she was 13 and by 17 she was on her own. She didn’t have a penny in her pocket and oftentimes went hungry. When she discovered the power of fitness, it changed her life. Massy believes there is more to fitness than just a body, there’s more to fitness than just a six pack. Fitness is about health, wellness, getting your life together mentally, physically, emotionally so that you can succeed in every aspect of life. Being powerful not only with your body but with the impact that you have everyday on those around you.

This Love Story Might Surprise You

This love story is so simple, yet unique. Through the combination of love, faith, joy, and hope, this Vancouver couple created an incredible life together.

Evening With My Little Girl


Don’t blink because you’ll miss those precious moments with your kids. This tribute to the kids in our lives shows just how amazing life is with your little ones by your side.

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