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When You Get a Second Chance

“How do you make the most of this second opportunity that you’ve been given?”

On May 5th 2001, Nicole’s battle with cancer began. As she looks back on her journey, her advice is simple: “I’m not going to be the one that cures cancer, but I can tell my story. You absolutely have the ability to make a good life out of whatever you have.”

“5/5 is my day. That was the day I declared my fight against cancer.”

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Braced for Kindness

“I asked my mom, why did God make me have scoliosis? And she says, he knew that you could handle it.”

Rayleigh Bell is anything but a typical 8-year-old. Already in her young life, she has endured the pain of living with scoliosis and started a business to help other children suffering from the same disease.   

Receiving the Diagnosis

At just 2 years old, Rayleigh’s mom noticed a bulge on her back. She immediately became concerned and took her to the hospital for tests.

Rayleigh’s family was unfamiliar with scoliosis and uncertain what the treatment would be for their daughter. After numerous x-rays, a severe s-curve was found in the middle of her spine that goes 71 degrees to the right. It was devastating. What would Rayleigh’s future look like? Would she be in constant pain?

Rayleigh received her first back brace at 6-years-old. The doctors were unable to prepare them for what was ahead.

“People used to call me turtle shell… It really hurt my feelings because they don’t know how much pain I’m in. I can’t control if I have scoliosis or not.”

Rayleigh began feeling alone and isolated as her treatment progressed. She was no longer able to participate in dance and was missing school due to the pain.

Rayleigh’s stepfather noticed how she was struggling and decided to take action. He began working on a project that he hoped would bring her comfort and support. He created a stuffed bear with a scoliosis brace was made that looked exactly like Rayleighs. After getting the bear, Rayleigh turned to her mom and said: “Mom, now I have a friend just like me.”

Her stepfather’s thoughtful gift helped her feel understood. She took the bear with her everywhere.

The Braced Bear…Giving Back

“What if we gave away braced bears to kids who are dealing with what I’m dealing with so they have a friend and don’t have to do it alone.”

Through Rayleigh’s golden heart and amazing abilities as a young entrepreneur, The Braced Bear was formed. This organization is dedicated to providing children with scoliosis stuffed bears with a  scoliosis brace, just like Rayleighs. They started with 25 bears and visiting their local children’s hospital to deliver them. It was just the beginning and Rayleigh knew she needed to do more.

“My dream is to give bears in braces to every kid with scoliosis in the United States.”

Her mother’s company, CTI, stepped up to help fund The Brace Bear to accomplish their dream. Rayleigh doesn’t want to stop at anything until other children with scoliosis feel supported and understood.

At just 8 years old, this young entrepreneur has accomplished more than she could ever imagine. By selflessly creating her own organization, she is providing the comfort and confidence that children with scoliosis need.

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Want to get involved? Go visit The Braced Bear charity for more information.


Overcoming suicide through the performing arts.

Brittany Brown found herself underwater with no way out…or so she thought.
Now she’s using her gift of dance and music to lift others out of the water and find hope.
-A Stiry Original Series produced in partnership with 90&9. A non-profit who’s mission is to promote healthy living through media and the performing arts. If you’d like to support this incredible cause, buy tickets to see Brittany perform, and get involved in some other way visit:

Autism: A Child to Be Loved

Three moms openly share their story with Autism. Every child is different and the struggle is constant. But when all is said and done, each child has taught these moms something unique about life. Autism is not a word to be feared, but a child to be loved.

Rising Above Addiction


“At the time when I first decided to stop drinking, there wasn’t really a program like this. Thankfully I found fitness.”

Scott Jones decided to share his gift of fitness with others and became the manager of The Phoenix – Boise. This amazing program is designed for anybody suffering or has suffered with substance abuse disorder or those who just want to live a sober life. It’s purpose is to ignite people’s passion and embrace recovery TOGETHER. To Rise. Recover. Live.

-A Stiry Original produced in partnership with SelectHealth. If you want to support this amazing cuase, you can find a local chapter near you at


After training with a generational circus family, Darla knew aerial arts was what she was born to do. “I was like, I’m supposed to do that. So I trained with them in the backyard in this big white tent.”

Though she found her passion, she felt broken and faced the difficult journey of self discovery and self worth. In the end she found there was something more to her life and turned this beautiful art into a gift for others who struggle. 90&9 was started to find those who have fallen to the floor and help them rise from the ashes and tell their story. “You may be bruised, but you’re not broken! You are a fighter.”

To get involved with this amazing non-profit and get tickets to the show ‘FIGHTER’ go to

13 Year Old Raises $20,0000 for Cancer

“There is no such thing as a child too young to get cancer. Therefore, there is no such thing as child that is too young to help. So I might be ‘just a kid’, but I am armed with a voice and the determination to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.” 

At just 13 years old, Geoffrey raised over $20,000 for The Tyler Robinson Foundation to help families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Geoffrey’s efforts inspired a worldwide movement for others to use their talents to create donations for these deserving families.

Use your talents and get involved at Help us slay cancer with Imagine DragonsStiry and The Tyler Robinson Foundation

Breaking the Generational Cycle of Poverty

At Stiry, we have always loved sharing stories of people and companies that are passionate about what they do and making a difference in some way.

Fairkind is helping artisans from around the world dream bigger and provide for their families. That means sending their kids to school, putting food on the table and impacting an entire community. 

This is more than just handmade products from India, Rwanda, Guatemala, Morocco, Uganda, Peru and Mexico. This is a way for tradition and culture to continue to be passed down and provide families and communities a future. 

Finishing the Race: Lota’s Story


Have you ever seen such a courageous young man? We haven’t.

Lota, an ultra runner, hasn’t let 7 surgeries (now 9 since filming his story) and his brain tumor growing back several times stop him from being a warrior and continuing the race. At only 11 years old, he is an example to all of the grit and determination it takes to overcome anything life throws at you. He now inspires hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to not give up the fight. You got this Lota!

-Produced in conjunction with Imagine Dragons and The Tyler Robinson Foundation.

I Am a Believer

Lota’s a big fan of Imagine Dragons. Just watch and you’ll see just what we are talking about. Lota was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 8. Since filming this story, he’s actually been through 9 surgeries and his tumor has grown back several times. Against all odds, Lota is a warrior and he and his family are embracing this fight. WE BELIEVE IN YOU LOTA! YOU GOT THIS!

Join us and Imagine Dragons in supporting Lota and The Tyler Robinson Foundation. Slay Cancer with Dragons!

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