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“I am Good Buffalo Eagle. Hear my words. There are two ways to walk. We can choose to walk forward or we can choose to walk backward.” Let’s look at the future and what we can become if we choose to walk forward.
“Eyes upward, feet forward, hearts homeward.” -The Five Legends (Be sure to get your copy of this book on Amazon)
-Stiry Original produced in partnership with ANASAZI Foundation, a world renown intervention resource that has restored thousands of parent-child relationships through wilderness therapy.


Spence Checketts was a successful NBA sports talk radio host. His career was more than he imagined it could be…until one day he made a mistake that cost him everything. Being open and honest about his mistake gave him a voice to help others be transparent and face their challenges with new found hope.
-A Stiry Original presented by Alternate Thursdays. Check out Spence’s new podcast Reality Check with Spence Checketts. It won’t disappoint!


Before founding MTN OPS, CEO Trevor Farnes and his wife found themselves in a desperate situation with no money and no food for their family. Through their faith and prayers, someone came to their rescue. As a result the MTN OPS team and it’s customers have returned the favor in over 700,000 ways. See how they did it in our latest Stiry Original.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace


Some kids have never had a bed before. In fact, millions of kids right here in the United States are sleeping on the floor. Sleep in Heavenly Peace Boise is changing that. “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town.” Now Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a national phenomenon, with 115 Chapters in 39 States.

-A Stiry Original presented by SelectHealth.



Losing her identify came at a price. However, a powerful discovery eclipsed all that was lost.

Red Carpet Premiere “Power in You”

Come connect with your community of fellow good seekers and a change makers!
Join us at STIRY’S RED CARPET PREMIERE EVENT “POWER IN YOU: AWAKENING THE LIFE WITHIN” on Friday November 9 at the new Kiln Theater downtown Salt Lake City.
The mission of our event is to remind everyone that sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to find what we are made of, the extraordinary within, the power in you!
We will be PREMIERING 3 SHORT FILMS that demonstrate just that! These films celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit, the truth compass of inner beauty, and the power of moving forward with our own choices.
Watch the linked movie teaser to see a taste of what we are talking about.
This will be an electric night of goodness with other like-minded friends coming together in support of that inner calling to SHARE THE GOOD.
Come enjoy meaningful conversation & connection, hors d’oeuvres & desserts, red carpet photos, impact awards, movie premieres, panel discussion with the film’s storytellers, and sponsor giveaways for each guest.
Cocktail or dressy attire.
All ticket price sales and donations will be given directly to The Haven, an addiction recovery and therapy center in Salt Lake City.  To see more about their inspiring work click here
If you or your brand would like to learn about being more involved in this impactful event, please email for volunteer and sponsor details.
We can’t wait to show you more of what Stiry is about and invite you to be a part of this movement for good!

Register now, limited seating.

Garage Full of Food


When Donna Macbean discovered that 1163 children were homeless in her county and 40% are receiving free lunch, she decided to do something about it. All from a small garage in Santa Clara, UT. Every Friday volunteers assemble food packs containing several meals and snacks for kids who aren’t getting enough food over the weekend. Neighborhood Connection has helped hundreds of children with food insecurities right in their own backyard….actually, right in their garage.

Feel the Thunder


This is a story about a superhero that is stronger than cancer. Emerson was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only two years old. He has battled this disease with a contagious smile and perspective beyond his years. Emerson shows us all how to deal with trials. “Feel the Thunder” little guy!
-World Premiere of Emerson’s story presented by The Tyler Robinson Foundation and Imagine Dragons

World’s Smallest Wheelchair


Power chairs aren’t even a possibility for most kids in need. Until now. Five engineering students from Brigham Young University created a motorized chair that weighs just over 20 pounds and costs under $400 (compare this to other chairs that weigh hundreds of pounds and cost upwards of $15,000). The coolest part about this invention, families can build it themselves. In more ways than one, this invention is allowing children in need the opportunity to be a normal child again.

Keep Smiling

3 years of battling cancer and still smiling. Kate Pierson decided to stay positive despite years of struggle. Now she’s “On Top of the World.” Try not to smile. You go Kate! -A Stiry Original produced in partnership with The Tyler Robinson Foundation and Imagine Dragons

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