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50 Ironman’s in 50 days in 50 states. They thought it was impossible. He proved them wrong. You might know the Iron Cowboy because of this accomplishment, but you may not know the woman behind the scenes who stepped in and saved the “Fifty”. See how his wife Sunny drove him to accomplish arguably the greatest endurance feat of all time.

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The Corner Canyon Miracle


Corner Canyon High School stopped at nothing to raise money for the Tyler Robinson Foundation. Every year, this high school highlights a non-profit to donate money to for an entire month. 

Fighting Pediatric Cancer

“Everyone was saying something feels different about this year” – Gabe (Student Body Officer)

This wasn’t your typical fundraiser. Corner Canyon High went above and beyond with creative and unique ways to have their students donate money. 

They had a series of odd jobs, a spike ball tournament, a rock paper scissors tournament, a Super Smash Bros tournament, and a ping pong tournament all to generate excitement and donations for the Tyler Robinson Foundation. 

“To me it’s nothing short of a miracle that we had help” – Gabe 

These students wanted to make a difference and knew that anything could be accomplished if they worked hard and set their minds to it. 

The Final Numbers

“This year we didn’t announce any totals, we said here’s our goal, you’ll find out at the assembly” – Jana (Student Government Advisor) 

After several weeks of fundraising constantly, no one knew the total amount that they had raised. Which, kept the suspense building even more (and the teacher behind this, Jana, knew it). 

Finally, the end of their charity month was coming to an end and it was time to find out how much they had raised for pediatric cancer. During a whole school assembly, some of the students were given poster board to write numbers on. 

One by one, they lifted up their poster board to reveal their total amount. Over $77,000 was raised by Corner Canyon High School for the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

“Finally seeing those final numbers, at that moment, it was everything for me” – Gabe 

The student body erupted into cheers and embraces as their hard work to fight pediatric cancer had definitely paid off in the biggest way possible. 

“For high school students, the sky is the limit” – Jana 

“Even though we don’t know these families personally, we’re here for them” – Gabe 

To learn more about the Tyler Robinson Foundation or to get involved, be sure to click here!
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Ending Homelessness | CATCH Inc


“What are we waiting for? We can end homelessness.”

CATCH Inc. is dedicated to ending homelessness. They not only want to get the affected families and individuals off the streets, CATCH want to get them into their own homes with a foundation for a sustainable life. CATCH believes that all families and individuals deserve homes and that having a home is necessary for health and well being. The effort this incredible organization puts in is life-changing as they work to end homelessness.

The Invisible Capes of Cancer


Savannah’s symptoms started as a simple fever. The Lingenfelters never imagined that their doctor would sit them down and say that their toddler had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“I don’t think anybody can do anything to prepare to hear the words ‘your child has cancer’” 

 The Lingenfelter’s world crumbled in just a brief moment. 

It’s Okay to Ask for Help


With a few close friends, Ray Khan founded a successful, growing business after being medically discharged from the military. Everything seemed to be going great, until one day everything completely changed. 

Losing Everything 

“Emotionally I was not expecting it to be as hard as it was” 

In an instant, Ray lost his business, house, car, stocks, and so much more. He felt helpless and like a failure. 

Know You’re Beautiful


Jodi Brown lived a normal, active life. She was happy and felt like she had all the confidence in the world.

Unknown Diagnosis 

One day dizzy spells and debilitating headaches started to take over her life. 

I Have My Hero Guiding Me


Nate Checketts father always gave him pearls of wisdom. Every year, his father would hand him a poem to memorize. When he was 12 years old, he was handed his father’s favorite poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

“Fathers love to give advice. It’s not always well-timed, or eloquent, or well-received, but it is always out of love.” -Nate Checketts

The Wisest Advice Giver 

As Nate grew older, he ran into his own set of trials with debt, health problems, and his family. He felt alone and often wished that his dad was physically next to him. 

“When he couldn’t be there, the words of this poem were.” 

Although his dad couldn’t be next to him, his father’s loving advice got him through the toughest times in his life and he applied it to his own family and children. 

A Father Knows Best 

“I feel like he knew that I was going to face trials and struggles and he was preparing me to face the challenges.” 

Although we think we may not need the advice that our father gives us, in the end, their words come back to us in times of need. 

“The best gift I got was not to just have the words memorized but to never forget the words or their meaning.”  

Now, Nate lives by and deeply cherishes the words that his father gave him when he was younger. He walks through life with confidence in knowing that his hero is guiding him. 

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Changing Pediatric Cancer With Spare Change


“The things we take for granted such as food, clothing, shoes, they do not have” -Lenette Reece 

Lenette Reece is the fearless leader of Rundle Elementary School. Most of the children that attend Rundle Elementary live in poverty. This past school year Rundle partnered up with the Tyler Robinson Foundation. 

One “Small” Act of Kindness

“Our students know that no matter their situation, they will change the world for good.”

Lenette, her staff, and her students wanted to raise money for those with pediatric cancer but weren’t sure if they could raise the money needed.

“They can’t donate $1,000 but they can donate change”

Lenette and her staff decided to do a change drive and set their goal to reach $500, to make it easier for the low-income students to participate.

Giving Everything to Fight Pediatric Cancer

Instead of raising their set amount, they went above and beyond and raised over $840 to help fight pediatric cancer. 

“No matter what situation your school is in, everyone has something to give.”

Almost every student at Rundle Elementary donated toward the change drive with the Tyler Robinson Foundation. One student donated everything he had, which was only 12 cents. He said he wants to cure cancer. 

At Rundle Elementary School, they are changing the world, one small act of kindness at a time.

To learn more about the Tyler Robinson Foundation and how you can help, check out their website!

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One Frame at a Time


Kate Edwards is the Executive Director of Friends For Sight, an organization that is helping low-income children see the world from a whole new perspective. 

Saving Sight in Elementary Schools 

“Many kids are legally blind and they have never received a pair of glasses.” -Kate Edwards 

Friends For Sight travels to different elementary schools in their county almost all school year to provide comprehensive eye exams.

Most of the children Friends For Sight helps struggle in the classroom and fall behind, due to not being able to properly see.

Preventive Eye Care For Low-Income Children

“Our goal is to make sure that every child has access to vision screening and exams and glasses.” – Kate Edwards

By working with local ophthalmologists, these low-income children receive free comprehensive eye exams and glasses that they need. 

The following school year the kids that received glasses come back, excited to tell Friends For Sight that they were able to see the leaves on trees for the first time. 

“I know we’re making a difference…” – Kate Edwards

Friends For Sight truly lives by their mission of saving sight and changing lives.

For more about their mission click here 

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