I Am a Believer

Lota’s a big fan of Imagine Dragons. Just watch and you’ll see just what we are talking about. Lota was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 8. He’s since been through 7 surgeries and his tumor has grown back 3 times. Against all odds, Lota is a warrior and he and his family are embracing this fight. WE BELIEVE IN YOU LOTA! YOU GOT THIS! Join us and Imagine Dragons in supporting Lota and The Tyler Robinson Foundation. Slay Caner with Dragons!

Why I Started My Own College


At 23, Jeremy Rossmann dropped out of MIT and created a school with no grades, no tests, and no traditional homework. This non-traditional school is more competitive than Duke or Dartmouth with an acceptance rate of only 10%. The school is focused on building things as you would in the real world. Students give up formal education to gain real experience. See why these students drop out of prestigious universities.

To My Hero…Dad

Fathers are a lot of things, but to most of us, they are our heroes. Dads change over the years, but their love for us stays the same. Love you Dad. Share this post tagging the dads that mean so much to you.

Enjoy the Little Things


Just Start Moving

Michael Vazquez found fitness through dark times and trials in his life. He became a father and is now a fitness professional who inspires thousands of others to change their lives. What inspires you?

When Darkness Fades

After Raymond lost his ability to love himself, he felt like suicide was the only option. His powerful message is for anyone struggling with life.

Madness Made Me

Down the end of the long polished corridor, Mary O’Hagan comes face to face with the condemning words written about her in her psychiatric files. As a young women she spent 5 years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. She went from the Psych ward to the chair of an international network, advisor to the United Nations, and became New Zealand’s Mental Health Commissioner. “If I told the Psychiatrist that I was going to do these things, they would have upped my anti-psychotics on the spot. They kept telling me I had an ongoing disability and I needed to lower my horizons. I’m so glad they were wrong.” (Author-Loading Docs)

More Than Just A Diaper Bag


For Jenny Wecker, a simple conversation with a friend helped fuel her passion into a way to make some extra money outside of work. People loved her handmade diaper bags, and before she knew it, she had to decide if she should go all in, and if so how? She never knew she was capable of creating something with such an impact on moms. Welcome to Fawn Design!

Living with No Regrets

Nathan never realized how precious life was until he faced the unthinkable. After a series of tragic events and feeling like he had lost it all, he had a choice to make. He chose to live his life with no regrets.

Born Different, But the Same

Ezra French has an unwavering perspective with unparalleled wisdom. And he is only 9 years old. His advice, “Think about what you have and not what you don’t have.” Sports has been his saving grace. It makes him feel just like any other kid despite the fact that he is very different.

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