Surviving a Sniper

“I got pinned down by a sniper… and the only thing that was sticking up was my pack, which was above ground. I could feel the impact of the bullet hitting my pack”. Fred Mason, a US Marine, thought his young life would end that day as he hid in the sand on Iwo Jima. “I told the Lord I would never get out of this thing alive without His help. It wasn’t easy, but I survived.” Fred like many others has sacrificed all for his country. We want to send Fred your gratitude, so please comment below!
Produced with The Listening Ear Project. If you haven’t seen what Katie is doing in sharing stories of the elderly, you are missing out! Head on over and follow her project.

For the Kids


“Sometimes we don’t have anything in our cupboards.” One out of five children in our community are worried about what they will eat tomorrow. For The Kids is working hard to change that. Every weekend, backpacks filled with food are sent home with kids in need. “It’s not usually one big thing that makes the difference, it’s a lot of people doing a little thing.”
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$40 in the Bank

As a newly single mother, Brooke Lark was backed into a corner with only $40 in her bank account. Little did she know that this scary situation would be the motivation to create something that would not only provide for her family, but would provide hope to countless others. Now she’s been deemed as “The Creative Sherpa”.

“You’ll Be a Man My Son”

This dad gave his son something to memorize when he was just 12 years old and now over 20 years and many trials later, those words have never left his side. A father’s advice isn’t always eloquent or well timed, but some things stick with you for a lifetime. Rhone presents a Stiry Original.

The Business of Being Mom

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world. How do we know? Fawn Design CEO Jenny Wecker shares how running her own business isn’t even as hard as being a mom. There’s so many rough days, but there are certain things your kids do that make it all worth it. If you’re a mom (or a future mom), we hope this serves as a good reminder that it is indeed worth it.

Put Down Your Phone

Put down your phones, be more present in your life, and build real connections. That was the advice Writer Kim Christenson from shared with us at the The LifeBeats Project launch party. Kim’s perspective on how this changed her life is spot on and something all of us need to hear. Try it out…see what lasting connections you can build.


Life is never easy. Al Fox Carraway made drastic changes in her life to align herself with her faith and as a result, things got more difficult.  Focusing on the good changed Al’s perspective and has given her the strength to keep moving forward. If you just keep going, you’ll find what you are looking for.

Focus on the Small Win

After winning a national championship, Greg Marshall’s path to professional baseball was abruptly interrupted. As he tried to find passion in other arenas, failure presented itself. When things felt like they couldn’t get any worse, he took advice from his dad who had successfully overcome a drug addiction. It was the best advice he’d ever gotten.

Live Podcast: The Lifebeats Project and Stiry

Our very first video podcast with The LifeBeats Project is now live. If you’re wondering why we acquired this amazing podcast, wonder no more. Our founder and CEO, Dan Davis and Briana Johnson share every detail about how this all happened through some extraordinary circumstances and divine intervention. Don’t miss out on the amazing stories we will be sharing with this exciting addition to our team!

The Lifebeats Project and Stiry Join Forces

When you find someone who is doing this much good, you bring them on board. That’s what we did with The LifeBeats Project. Now The LifeBeats Project podcast and Briana Johnson are officially a part of the Stiry team full-time. We couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned for some amazing stories through this inspirational podcast. We are going to do a lot of good together.

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