Severed Spinal Cord to Limitless Life


After a tragic rock climbing accident, Jimmy Goddard decided there was no other option then to carry on with a purpose. The hobby that allowed him to do this involved speeding down mountain curves inches from the ground.

The Couple Life Can’t Beat

After he got diagnosed with MS, Mike and Briana had to reverse their roles at home. Their story, though, is not about MS. It is about learning how to love and support each other, no matter what. Briana, with the support of Mike, has started a podcast called The Lifebeats Project, where she talks to people about “Pursuing the Art of Living Extraordinarily”, which her and her family do every day.

You Don’t Have to do This Alone

Often times as a parent, you feel alone. That no one understands your situation. Robyn is raising a son with Down Syndrome and life hasn’t always been easy. Many years ago she decided to reach out for help. As a result people came into her life that gave her son Matthew exactly what he needed. Simultaneously she received the strength she needed to continue forward. You don’t have to do this alone! Reach out to those around you for help.

Finishing the Race: Lota’s Story


Lota, an ultra runner, hasn’t let 7 surgeries and his brain tumor growing back 3 times stop him from being a warrior and continuing the race. At only 10 years old, he is an example to all of the grit and determination it takes to overcome anything life throws at you. He now inspires hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to not give up the fight. You got this Lota!

-Produced in conjunction with Imagine Dragons and The Tyler Robinson Foundation.

Arrows Without Arms


Matt Stutzman was born without arms. But that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the world’s best archers. In fact, he competes professionally for the U.S. Paralympic Archery Team and even set the Guinness World Record for longest accurate shot in archery. In Stutzman’s words, “no matter what the challenge is, you can overcome it.”

Fashion Model to Dog Musher

Zoya DeNure spent nearly 14 years as a model, but found herself yearning for a different life. Now, she’s mushing dogs in Alaska and training for the Iditarod. DeNure also runs a kennel with her husband, saving dogs from mushers who no longer want them. Each dog she rescues has their own unique story.

Not Always What They Seem


Becca had to experience the sad twist and turns of fate as a child which most people don’t have to experience at all. Despite her diagnosis with multiple illnesses including, Tourettes Syndrome, OCD, Pervasive Mental Disorder, and ADHD, Becca has become a beacon of happiness, lighting up the days of all around her.

Streets of L.A. to the NFL


Told through the eyes of his mother, Dayvon’s story shows his rise from the streets of L.A. to a career in professional football. With a life full of setbacks, this young man knew hard work had to be a life long endeavor.

A Unique Tribute to 9/11

He sees more in one day than most people see in their whole lifetime. He tried to mask these feelings and emotions using drugs and alcohol, but it didn’t help. He started a tribute climb to the people who are no longer here. The firefighters that were killed in 9/11. We take a look at what it’s really like being a San Francisco firefighter and the ritual of Greg Collaco, who uses stair climbing to fight PTSI. -Author, Seeker Stories

The 10 Year Old That Inspires the World


After seeing someone being treated poorly in her school class in Sacramento, Leah decided to do something about it. She started a program called “Becuz I Care” that focuses on paying acts of kindness forward to others. Pretty impressive given that she is 5th grade and only 10 years old. Her pay it forward initiative is now sweeping the world. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can still change the world. Her bracelets are now being shipped all around the world to people joining the cause.

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