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A Future Super Hero


My life began to sink when I lost my mother to an 8 year fight with cancer.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My daughter was running around the house crying like she was getting stuck with a needle. As soon as 4:45pm hit, on June 2, 2009, my daughter fell straight to sleep and my mothers soul left her body. That day was the hardest time in my entire life because my “go-to” person was gone.

In this world, people come and go, some care and others don’t, but this lady stuck with me through the good and the bad. My mom was a single parent and an outstanding one at that. This lady gave up her life for me and, anything I needed she would supply. The day I remember the most was when she gave a homeless man $20 dollars. I wanna say I was around the age of 10-13 and I asked her, “why would you gave him your last $20 dollars?” Her reply was, “he has no money, no food and no where to live, and we do”. At the time I had Jordan’s, Diadora, Pumas, Ellese…the “flyest” clothing. I loved shoes and she would make sure I got a new pair every week. She was big on fashion and she always said, “when you go out look your best, you never know who’s watching you.”  I was always in style because she was the best dressed lady I have ever seen and the cleanest lady in the world…I have people who will take the stand about that. Everything I learned and know is because of this lady and when she left me I was a train wreck. It took me 5 years to over-come the pain and hurt I felt inside.

With my 20+ years of experience, I consider myself a psychological specialist. I can read the mind of kids and adults very well. I was hurting inside…during this time I would go to work or out in public and act happy and joyful and joking around. When I got home I would be angry, I would cry for the hurt I held in from losing her. I lost relationships with people because of my mental behavior and never knew why until now.

I have always loved kids and I wanted to start a non profit to keep my mothers hard work alive.  I remember on 9/11/15, I decided to go on Facebook to start recruiting people and ask them if they would help me with my project. I got no replies so I searched around and officer Tommy Norman’s Facebook page popped up. I clicked on it and watched these videos and laughed myself to sleep. I would watch these videos everyday and this became my therapy to getting myself back together. I had the honor of meeting him last year and all I can say is after meeting him, a ton of positive people have come into my life.

I have always been a giver, from helping the homeless to volunteering. I kept watching these videos and I said to myself, “what can I do to keep her name alive?” I thought and thought, and I kept having this vision, I would turn left but that wasn’t right. I would go right but there was nothing left. One day it finally hit me, my mom passed away from cancer and I love kids. That was it, I began to research childhood cancer and found out that the kids only would receive 4% of funding for research. So, if you bought a dozen donuts you would only receive half of one donut.

I have 20 plus years of experiences with children/mental ill/disabilities/homeless, so I thought making these kids happy would be a piece of cake. I got on Instagram and posted my gofundme page and I explained my mission of helping the homeless/mental ill/disabilities/childhood cancer etc. I didn’t think that $1800 dollars later I would have an authentic Star Wars Kylo Ren costume. I have been all over to Children hospitals, schools, home visits, homeless shelters, skid row etc. My goal is to remind people that everyone needs help and it costs nothing to be kind.

So, everyday I have to do something to keep my mom’s name alive. She did it for me so now I do it for someone else. I have reached out to celebrities, but I haven’t heard from anyone. I have reached out to people who call me a friend, but I would get little to no support. So, the cost has come out of my pockets for 70% of the missions I have completed. I remember times I would get mad because I would ask my friend to help me help a sick child and just purchase a t-shirt…they would say ok, but never purchased one. When their kids fundraiser came up they would shove it down my throat, but I never held a grudge and I would still donate to them.  I have asked for celebrities help, not to become famous, just because these kids look up to them and I want them to see that they care. I haven’t received any replies so I will do what I can for now. I just hate to ask people for help but until I become 501(c), I will do what I can.

I thought of another idea so I created a booster t-shirt campaign. At least with this you will receive something in return and hopefully when people read the t-shirt a conversation will begin on what more than 4% means. I have a long journey ahead of me. The list here is just a few things that I will be advocating for(Kids/Adult&Childhood C?Cancer/Bullying/Mental Health/Homeless/Disabilities).

If I don’t get help, not a problem, I will keep fighting like the people who fought for me…like my mom did. I will be the voice for bullying and childhood cancer. I will tell the adults and kids what this world needs. I ask that you follow my journey on Instagram @afuturesuperhero. People often ask me why I use this nickname, and my reply is, “because my mother was afuturesuperhero and now I am afuturesuperhero too”. When I leave this earth, there will be another afuturesuperhero. The thing is, afuturesuperhero is every where but they stay below the radar because they put the movie together and don’t want to be seen. They just want to make sure someone else gets that shine(smile) and the mission is complete ….

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